About Me

I started my journey as an artist with black and white photography. I have always been interested in landscape as a subject but in the beginning I thought of it only in terms of a black and white design. I especially liked the snowy winter months when the bare bones of the landscape were not obscured by the greenery and all shapes were clean and simplified. The compositions were strong and powerful and the colours did not matter to me yet. I realized only years later, after I fell in love with colours, how important those first years were in forming my way of seeing. Now this experience helps me with processing colours and the abundance of colours in nature can be truly overwhelming. I came to Calgary, Alberta in 1985 and attended Alberta College of Art and Design.  I took photography, printmaking and drawing, experimented with glass blowing, pottery and chose painting as my major as planned. My heart however was not in abstract or conceptual art, which seemed to be the focus of teaching at the college. Rather than that I wanted to learn how to paint in a representational way. I found that the best way to accomplish that was to participate in workshops, paint with established artists and simply paint as much as possible. The beauty of nature inspires me endlessly. I love walking and biking and always look for new ideas for my next painting. I look for interesting light or mood in a place but, as I have always done before, I try to capture it as simply as possible. I love vibrant, saturated colours and try to apply my paints with energy and decisiveness. Vigorous and deliberate brushwork is as exciting to me as gorgeous colours. The natural landscape surrounding us has so many sensual qualities such as smell, sound, texture, etc. etc.  It’s always wonderful to experience all that while painting outdoors. It is then easier to translate these qualities into paint even when the final painting is done in a studio. One of my favourite subjects is water. It invites and challenges to capture its constantly changing colour, light, transparency, reflections and movement. Not less important are its more elusive qualities such as weight, depth, power, temperature, attitude, luxurious silkiness, poetry, etc. etc.  Water also has a way of forcing one to really pay attention and paint fast.  I paint mainly with oils and acrylics. Currently I am a member Federation of Canadian Artists as well as a local group Calgary Artists Society.